Metal Slug 3 ROM: Infinite Rapid-Fire

When it comes to non-stop 2D shooting games, Metal Slug would always make it to the list. Various versions have been created and one of which is Metal Slug 3. Released in the year 2000 by SNK, it was later ported to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii, and other consoles. There have been a lot of additions from the previous Metal Slug 2, so if you want to have a grip at this never-ending shooter, you have to download the Metal Slug 3 ROM first.

 The Similar Gameplay

The gameplay of Metal Slug 3 is similar to that of the previous version, as you need to shoot constantly on to your enemies for you to reach the end of the level of each round. However, you will have to face a boss first before you could proceed. The boss is definitely tougher than common enemies and is also larger in size.

As the game commences, players could find different weapon upgrades that would enhance or change the current effect of what your gun produces. Apart from that, players can also hop on a Metal Slug tank once available. In the game, the tank is known as the SV-0001 wherein the SV stands for Super Vehicle, which then drastically increases the player’s offense as well as their defense.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

A New Feature

The Branching Path System is a new feature in Metal Slug 3. Mostly, there are forking paths usually in missions where the player has to choose one. Each one of them has their own obstacles and of course, has their own level of difficulty. Nevertheless, all of the paths would still lead to the same boss if successfully accomplished.

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing each path because each player could end up with different sets of equipment depending on the path of which they have chosen. This version of the game has surely a lot to offer so it would be best to download the Metal Slug 3 ROM right now.

The Various Vehicles

Metal Slug 3 ROMThere have been a lot of additions when it comes to vehicles. So let’s start it off with the Slug Driller that can be found in the underground part of the fourth mission in the game. With the massive drill, it has been created to annihilate each enemy standing in front. What’s great about this drill is that can be extended giving the player the advantage of outreach from enemies.

The next vehicle is called the Slug Mariner that gives out more power when submerged in water. It propels torpedoes and high-mass rounds of which sink to the bottom floor. The Elephant Slug, on the other hand, is merely an Elephant strapped with a Vulcan cannon. If that alone doesn’t scare you, the elephant can fire a bolt of lightning or a fireball from its trunk if the player manages to pick up a battery or a chili pepper.

Even More Vehicles…

A close resemblance is seen from the Camel Slug with the new Ostrich Slug. Compared to the camel slug, it is a lot faster, enables you to turn around, and can even jump further. The Iv Rebel Armor is a rebel produced vehicle. It can be captured by the player and can give a huge advantage to its controller as it has a heavy machine gun. However, in the fifth mission, the Iv Rebel Armor wields a flame shot instead and could be interchanged with different handheld weapons too. Standing on top of it can give the player a boost.

Appearing alongside the Slug Flyer in the airborne part of the last mission is the Slug Copter. Unlike the Flyer, the Vulcan Cannon that it wields can fire in all directions and it is armed by gravity bombs as well. Used jointly by the Rebel Forces and the players is the Astro Slug which carries booster rockets into space. Players could take advantage of its weaponry as it can use infantry weapons through different ports on its sides. Rockets are fired as secondary weapons too.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

The Transformation of the Characters

Just like the previous version of the game, the player could transform into different states depending on what affects the player. Apart from the mummy from past versions, when players are exposed to infectious materials, they would transform into zombies. Despite having a treatment to this, the zombie player can make use of this by using its vomiting attack that could cause devastating damage upon. However, the movement is quite limited as it slows the player, and does not allow you to jump or crouch. If they accidentally come into contact with another infectious material, they will die instantly.

When submerged in water, the player will equip a scuba set along with a bubble helmet. Instead of grenades, the player utilizes a bomb-launching system that is coordinated with gravity. When suspended in air, if the player loses their vehicle, they would be set on a backup jetpack which allows them to fire heat-seeking missiles. If in space and the player loses the Astro Slug, they have to depend on a jetpack and a breathing apparatus in order for them to survive. There are explosives in the sand pack and can cause a massive fireball if triggered.

Why Download the Metal Slug 3 ROM

It would be unconventional to play the game on to an old gaming console nowadays so it is essential to download the Metal Slug 3 ROM. With the Metal Slug 3 ROM, you could play the game non-stop and most importantly on the go. Play wherever you want for as long as you have your smartphone or handy device with you, you could access the game instantly.

There would be no more need to locate those missing wires, controllers, and other heavy hardware from those vintage consoles. Now, as long as you have your phone charged up and have the Metal Slug 3 ROM installed, you could burn those spare times whenever you want to. So what are you waiting for? Download the Metal Slug 3 ROM today and experience the game from a different perspective.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM