Metal Slug 7 ROM

Metal Slug 7 ROM: A Brutal Shootout

The Metal Slug series never fails to amuse its fans as this non-stop shooting game gives out content to every player who plays it. As the years pass by, the developers which are namely SNK Playmore, have continued to improve the game and port it on to newer gaming systems. Metal Slug 7 has been developed for the Nintendo DS and is the eighth and final title in the main series. Announced in 2007 and released on 2008, the game can be played nowadays by downloading a file called the Metal Slug 7 ROM.

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Metal Slug 5 ROM: A Fantastic Massacre

If you are to ask any avid shooting gamer if they know Metal Slug, the answer would definitely be a big YES. The game retains the same style of rapid-fire combat which gives it its trademark. Many games have followed such style but most of them have failed to even come close to Metal Slug’s ratings. There are a bunch of versions created but this time, we will be discussing the fifth game. Be ready and download the Metal Slug 5 ROM right now because it is clear that you would crave to play the game after reading this article.

The fifth game which is known as Metal Slug 5 has been created for the Neo Geo system back in 2003 for the masses to experience. Arcade games have surfaced back in the 80’s but up to this date, it has been maintaining as a lot of players still seek for such entertainment. Metal Slug 5 was developed by Noise Factory and SNK Playmore for the said console but you can play the game right where you stand if you download the Metal Slug 5 ROM.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM Read More

Metal Slug Advance ROM

Metal Slug Advance ROM: Never-Ending Shooting Streak

As video gaming rapidly progressed in the early 90’s, consoles also became more advanced. The Game Boy Advance is one of the best selling handheld gaming devices back then and when it came out, a new version of Metal Slug also emerged for the said platform. Metal Slug Advance classified as a run and gun video game that was made for the GBA or Game Boy Advance and is canon to the series. Released in 2004, it is notable for not featuring Marco Rossi as a playable character. Download the Metal Slug Advance ROM right now to experience this fun-filled shooting game.

The Straight Forward Storyline

Since new Peregrine Falcons are needed, a survival training camp was established for recruiting the toughest. Here, the trainees have to survive on a nameless island despite having only limited supplies and weapons. As the training commences, a large blimp is seen from up top. General Morden’s troops then parachute down in a mission to build a new base. Many of the recruits have been captured on that event.

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