Metal Slug 5 ROM: A Fantastic Massacre

If you are to ask any avid shooting gamer if they know Metal Slug, the answer would definitely be a big YES. The game retains the same style of rapid-fire combat which gives it its trademark. Many games have followed such style but most of them have failed to even come close to Metal Slug’s ratings. There are a bunch of versions created but this time, we will be discussing the fifth game. Be ready and download the Metal Slug 5 ROM right now because it is clear that you would crave to play the game after reading this article.

The fifth game which is known as Metal Slug 5 has been created for the Neo Geo system back in 2003 for the masses to experience. Arcade games have surfaced back in the 80’s but up to this date, it has been maintaining as a lot of players still seek for such entertainment. Metal Slug 5 was developed by Noise Factory and SNK Playmore for the said console but you can play the game right where you stand if you download the Metal Slug 5 ROM.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

The Big Difference from other Versions

Metal Slug 5 ROMOne of the biggest changes that were made in this game was the ability to use the slide move. This allows the player to maneuver quickly to avoid an upcoming attack. Metal Slug 4 has used many of the backgrounds from the previous versions of the game but in this fifth version, a hefty amount of backgrounds have been created and even backed up with an even more heavy metal influence when it comes to music.

The game’s popularity made other companies drive their interest on to it. These were namely the Microsoft Xbox in North America and Japan, as well as the PlayStation 2 too. Thereafter, it was also a hit to those PC users as it was also ported to the Microsoft Windows Platform.

The Storyline

A very special disc that has deep secrets about the Metal Slug project was stolen by a group called the Ptolemaic Army. They are known to specialize on archaeological excavations. Two elite members of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force who are namely Marco and Tarma, head on a hot pursuit to end the mission of the evil army. As the story progresses, they are then joined by Fio and Eri of the SPARROWS.

As a group of four, they investigate the goal of the Ptolemaic Army, who grows into an even more powerful force over time. The Ptolemaic Army have befriended a mysterious masked man along with some of his followers making the task more brutally challenging. In the end, the army summons an enormous demon as the final boss. All of the hardships pay off as the quartet manages to beat the boss and force it to leave earth.

The Other Changes from the Previous Games

Unlike other versions, players are now allowed to perform a slide-dash to evade attacks. Now, the only remaining modifier is the “Fat Mode”, as there are no more mummies, zombies, aliens, or other special creatures. However, the final boss is a humungous demon.

With regards to Morden’s infantry, he himself and Allen O’ Neil cannot be found in this version. With that, the game lacks the sense of humor of the previous games. One thing to note is that most of the new enemies in this version are mere edits of the Rebel soldier sprites. Excluding the first and third levels of the game, there would be no other branching paths in the game.

More Changes in this version…

If you have played Metal Slug 4, then you would notice that the medal system is removed in this version of the game. Previous characters such as Trevor and Nadia have been removed in favor of Tarma and Eri. An easy change to spot is the cutscenes in the game as they appear in between the game as opposed to appearing one or two times in the end.

While facing the boss, a remixed version of “Final Attack” will be played. The last change depends on whether the Arcade machine has activated the blood option or not. When turned on, the color of the blood will change from red to white and also the Ptolemaic Army’s guerilla’s T-shirt including their bandanas will turn into navy instead.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

The Latest Vehicles and Slugs

There are only three new additional vehicles in the game, however, the Metal Slug, Slug Flyer, and Slug Mariner do reappear in this version. So let’s start with the Slug Gunner which is the ultimate evolution of the Metal Slug and the Rebel Armor. It fires a machine gun and also has a chassis-mounted cannon. It can also defend in close combat as it can punch within a distance.

The Gunner can also perform a mid-air jump like the level armor. This slug can transform from a walker into a tank which enables it to move slightly faster and even runs over that pesky infantry. The disadvantage of this vehicle is that it is quite slow as it takes a while to turn. The firing arc is also limited as it is set to only 180 degrees.

More New Vehicles…

The next one is called the TIAF 660 or the Car Slug. This slug has a powerful 360-degree Vulcan cannon that is attached to it. It secondarily fires an oversized enemy chaser. The last new vehicle is called the Spider Slug but is a giant squid-like walker with two legs tethered to the ceiling and to the floor. It has 360-degree Vulcan cannons along with a harpoon gun.

Why Download the Metal Slug 5 ROM?

This version is quite intense and could burn a lot of your spare time but if you don’t have a Neo Geo System at home then how could you play the game? By downloading the Metal Slug 5 ROM, it would only take a few minutes to complete and after installing it, you would now have access to a new world of fun straight through your handheld devices.

There are a lot of challenges to conquer in this fantastic shooting game so installing the Metal Slug 5 ROM on to your mobile device would let you play swiftly wherever and whenever you go.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

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