Metal Slug 7 ROM

Metal Slug 7 ROM: A Brutal Shootout

The Metal Slug series never fails to amuse its fans as this non-stop shooting game gives out content to every player who plays it. As the years pass by, the developers which are namely SNK Playmore, have continued to improve the game and port it on to newer gaming systems. Metal Slug 7 has been developed for the Nintendo DS and is the eighth and final title in the main series. Announced in 2007 and released on 2008, the game can be played nowadays by downloading a file called the Metal Slug 7 ROM.

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The Immersive Storyline

The three strong forces which are namely the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force, the Ikari Warriors, and the SPARROWS are on a mission to find General Morden and his army. They are now heading for a giant island landfill that has been converted into a military fortress. After the heroes managed to crush his newest prototype weapon, he receives unexpected aid when a time portal has opened. These High tech soldiers wielding advanced technology fortify his base but the heroes still push through this seemingly impossible brute force.

In the end, the heroes manage to beat the odds and destroy the time portal. With that, they cut off the Rebel Army’s suppliers as well. However, Morden escapes in his rebuilt prototype weapon which is now completed and even more powerful than before. He confronts the heroes on a giant lake made of molten lava. The heroes beat and capture Morden and escape through a helicopter but the Martians attack the helicopter, enabling Morden to escape. The final cutscene displays the heroes chasing him and his men away as the sun sets.

The Gameplay

Metal Slug 7 ROMThere are three difficulties and seven levels in Metal Slug 7. These difficulties are called the Beginner, Normal, and Hard which depends on the preference of the player. The Nintendo DS touchscreen is utilized as a map of the level, which makes it easier for the player to take a sneak peek at where power-ups and captured prisoners are situated.

Weapons from the previous games to make a return in this version along with a new weapon called “Thunder Shot” appears too. It fires a homing electric blast to the opposition. With regards to the overall gameplay, Metal Slug 7 still remains to follow the same style as previous versions do.

The New Slugs in Metal Slug 7

There are only three new slugs in this version. The first one is called the Slug Truck which is a road train-like machine that is similar to the Metal Slug. However, the cannon must be connected to the unit in order for it to access the secondary weapon. Up to four cannons can be connected which have unlimited ammo, though these could easily be destroyed with a single shot.

The next slug is called the Slug Gigant which is a robot that holds chaotic firepower. By pressing the secondary fire button shoots the wave cannon that neutralizes the enemy’s fire. It also throws a punch by using its claws making this slug fun one to use. If you aim the gun all the way down, it will attack enemies on the ground using its claw. The primary weapon of the Slug Gigant is a simple Vulvan but this has more health than most slugs and once destroyed, the player loses one life but still respawns in a new Slug Gigant making it invincible. This would aid in boss fights as long as the player has a lot of lives in store.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

The Last New Slug

The Slug Armor is the last new slug in this version of the game. It has both Vulcan and cannons as attackers. It could also slide at very high speeds and this is performed by holding the D-pad downwards at a certain direction. It is also referred to in the manual of the game as the Slug Gunner and a must try for the new players of the game.

The Critical Reviews

The game has received mixed to positive reviews from reputable sources. Steven Hopper of GameZone gave the PSP version of Metal Slug 7 a 7 out of 10. He states that if you are a hardcore Metal Slug fan, this is quite a great portable fix. The game controls well and offers brutal immersive action. The game’s campaign is a short one as it clocks for a little under an hour from the start until the finish.

However, this game is meant to be played over and over so you should not expect much works of innovation in this version. GameSpot has reviewed the game score as 7.5 which is quite favorable with the masses. Despite the different reviews, Metal Slug 7 remains to be one of the best in the run and gun genre.

What is the Metal Slug 7 ROM?

The Nintendo DS is also a portable device but is seemingly out of place in these times. The Metal Slug 7 ROM allows you to install the game on to your smartphone with just a few clicks. After the successful installment, it would allow you to play the game anywhere you want. You can play the game as long as you charge your batteries. Compared to the conventional way of playing the game, you can now experience the game in a different screen size. It depends upon your preference when it comes to screen size as these are abundant nowadays.

The Metal Slug 7 ROM would only take a few minutes to download and install making it a must-have for those adventure action seeking gamers out there. If you are one of them, the Metal Slug 7 ROM would save you the hassle of purchasing a Nintendo DS. People nowadays do have mobile phones with them, and even if you wish playing the game through your laptop, it is also made possible by the Metal Slug 7 ROM. Download the Metal Slug 7 ROM today and experience non-stop rapid shooting on a desolate place filled with enemies.

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