Metal Slug Advance ROM

Metal Slug Advance ROM: Never-Ending Shooting Streak

As video gaming rapidly progressed in the early 90’s, consoles also became more advanced. The Game Boy Advance is one of the best selling handheld gaming devices back then and when it came out, a new version of Metal Slug also emerged for the said platform. Metal Slug Advance classified as a run and gun video game that was made for the GBA or Game Boy Advance and is canon to the series. Released in 2004, it is notable for not featuring Marco Rossi as a playable character. Download the Metal Slug Advance ROM right now to experience this fun-filled shooting game.

The Straight Forward Storyline

Since new Peregrine Falcons are needed, a survival training camp was established for recruiting the toughest. Here, the trainees have to survive on a nameless island despite having only limited supplies and weapons. As the training commences, a large blimp is seen from up top. General Morden’s troops then parachute down in a mission to build a new base. Many of the recruits have been captured on that event.

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Players are to play as either Tyra Elson or Walter Ryan, who is one of the new recruits on the island. This is no more a survival training as the challenges become real. Players are then set into a full-fledged mission along with the remaining recruits and storm the enemy defenses.

The Similar Gameplay

Metal Slug Advance ROMNot much of the gameplay of Metal Slug has been changed as this is the trademark of the game. However, there are two new systems that have been incorporated. One of which is the Life System which is simply a life bar set for players. This replaces the extra lives from all of the other Metal Slug games making it much more realistic. As players are hit, they take damage and the life bar gets depleted over time. The damage taken depends on the type of attack that they receive. Nevertheless, this can be restored by collecting food items. Watch out from being crushed or falling into a pit as it would cause instantaneous death.

The other new system is called the Card System where players are to collect cards as they progress in the game. These cards can be collected through shooting at certain parts of the background and also by rescuing certain hostages. The cards collected serve different purposes such as mere details or info on some items, boosting the abilities of players, and even unlocking new slugs to maneuver.

The Latest Vehicles

A few from the slugs that have already been seen on some of the series’ and make a return are the Slug Flyer, the Slug Gunner, and the ever famous Metal Slug. Apart from that, there are also two new additions that are merely modified versions of the Metal Slug. First, there is the Slug Type-R which is light-brown in color that fires the Vulcan gun tandem of which the player’s direction is faced, with the exception of vertical placement. This slug has to be unlocked in order to use it to make sure that you do in order to try it out.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

The other new slug is called the Black Hound Slug. It is not that new though as it was a secret boss in Metal Slug 5. The only new thing about this is that its power can now be utilized by players. It has a painted Devil’s Eye on the side of it and a bazooka that replaces the Vulcan gun. However, this version loses its arcing laser attack and has black enemy chasers as a replacement for the RPGs it shoots out. There is a delay though and it is about half a second. Just like the Slug Type-R, this new slug can be used once unlocked.

A Bonus Vehicle

Metal Slug Advance has planned to place a third new slug called the Slug Mariner but was later removed in the final product. It was supposed to run on the underwater level of the game and deal great damage to those enemies who face it. This is a bonus because, with proper hacking, you can still find the Slug Mariner and play it in the game. Extensive research and programming skills is needed to execute this hack.

Why Download the Metal Slug Advance ROM?

The Metal Slug Advance ROM is an essential file to download as it allows you to enjoy the game straight to your latest handheld device. It acts as an emulator so you can also experience the game from your Personal Computer. Playing with the Game Boy Advance and its small display differs a lot from the readily available widescreens that today’s times can offer.

Downloading the Metal Slug Advance ROM will just take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed. With this short amount of time, you would be able to experience a well-known shooting game after installing it. The Metal Slug Advance ROM is highly recommended and trusted by the many fans of the Metal Slug series.

The Verdict

Metal Slug Advance was released in 2004 but since this is a Game Boy Advance version, it is set to be a single player game. Despite mentioning that, it is still a fantastic shooting game and is essential for players who want to finish the whole series. The game was developed by Noise Factory and was published by SNK Playmore who are both well known in the gaming industry.

The Metal Slug Advance ROM is a life saver for those who want to try this vintage game. With just a few clicks or taps, players can experience an awesome shooting game. Being a survival game as it has a new life system just makes the game a lot difficult. Compared to the other versions where you get as many extra lives that you can, here you would know how hardcore the game has become.

There are new additions to the game which makes it a must try. Download the Metal Slug Advance ROM today and convert your boring idle time into pure fun and adventure.Download Metal Slug 3 ROM

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